Thorsten from Kapitalbildung - How I invest

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Who are you?

My name is Thorsten, I am 30 years old and live in Hamburg. In my spare time, I run my own podcast and blog on the topic of finance with building capital.

My main focus is on long-term wealth creation through personal financial planning. I report on my own experiences and try to structure the content as structured and comprehensible as possible. So I want to help you to take your finances into your own hands.

If that's what you're looking for, feel free to visit my website. Here you'll find my podcast and blog. But also free templates, helpful recommendations and my very personal support are waiting for you here. Otherwise, I'm also on Instagram, of course.

When did you start investing?

I came to my first investments in 2008 rather unexpectedly and through an inheritance. At that time, it was still quite classic via investment advice at a branch bank. Since then, I have delved deeper and deeper into the subject, set up my financial plan and followed it stubbornly. Today, I manage and increase my assets on my own. Without any bank advice, but with a clear conscience and clear goals.

What is your investment strategy?

I am a classic buy-and-hold investor who invests his money in a broadly diversified way. Especially when it comes to retirement planning, I take advantage of the long investment horizon and broad diversification. But even beyond that, I tend to hold stocks for the long term and rely mainly on standard ETFs. This way, I keep my portfolio clean and follow my own financial plan. The keys to this are patience and discipline.

What is your insider tip or do you have a favourite stock/sector?

From my point of view, the ultimate insider tip and also the biggest challenge is to approach the topic of finance in a simple and structured way. You don't have to make a science out of it, but especially in the beginning you shouldn't open too many doors at once. First you need to get the basics right, then you need a financial plan with concrete goals, and then you can put it all into action. That way, you'll never lose track of what you're doing, when you're doing it, and why.

What was your biggest investment mistake?

A private pension insurance, where I lost several thousand euros due to a high one-off amount in retrospect. That was my wake-up call for a financial reboot. Since then, I've been taking care of my money myself and feel very good about it.

What does your portfolio currently look like?

Basically pretty boring. Three ETFs and two individual stocks from old holdings. When I get the chance, I keep adding to my ETF holdings. At the moment, however, I keep a fairly high cash reserve in order to be able to react in the event of a further downward jolt. Otherwise, I also have the reserve for a possible real estate investment. Here, I want to remain able to act and take advantage of opportunities.