👋 Hello, Finance Baby

⭐️Here you can find our portfolio

We are Tessa & Denise from Finance, Baby!, are both 25 years old and live in Stuttgart. We encourage women to take their financial future into their own hands. finance, baby! is a platform that offers young women step-by-step instructions and tools around specific financial topics.

A fun fact about us is that we don't come from the finance industry and both have a marketing background. The idea for finance, baby! came from a personal problem. We realized we didn't have a clue about our finances and there were no offerings that specifically targeted women. That's when we knew we had to take matters into our own hands... 💞

When did you start investing? ✨

We started about a year ago, when the idea for finance, baby! was also born. We talked with many friends about the topic, searched many websites and read books. Super tedious, because we had to find everything ourselves in many places. But then we managed to set up our first ETF savings plan.

What is your investment strategy? 💫

We follow a classic buy-and-hold strategy in which we invest our money broadly and do no day trading. We want to provide for our retirement through our investments now and therefore think very long-term. What we always call out to ourselves is: Keep patience!

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like? 🧐

Our secret tip that we always give to women is: just start! We also never really felt ready to invest because we thought it was super complex. Of course, you have to get enough information, but not starting out because you're afraid of making mistakes is not a good way to go. So dare!

What was your biggest investment mistake? 👻

Since we have not been investing for too long, we have not made any mistakes yet. But if there is one, we try to stay calm, get ourselves in order and start a new strategy.

What does your portfolio currently look like? 🎉

We put a lot of emphasis on funds that focus on the number of women in leadership positions, for example, because this topic is very close to our hearts. But sustainability also plays a role in our portfolio, as we see this as a very important issue. At the same time, we also have classic funds that are broadly diversified to bring in security.