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Here you can find my portfolio!

Who are you?

My name is Dominik, I'm 25 years old and come from the Stuttgart region.

My investment career began when I sat in on an advisory meeting at the local savings bank - and then I had to find out for myself whether everything I was told there made sense.

But let's start at the beginning!

After graduating from high school and working on vacation for a few months, I had the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia. Afterwards, I started a dual study program (industrial engineering) in 2015 and then realized in the middle of my studies: Oops, I have more money in my account than I currently need... and how do I invest it now?

After talking to savings banks and doing a lot of my own research, I got more and more involved in investment topics. That's why I started the blog as a sideline and since then I've been sharing my knowledge and experiences with many people in the German-speaking world.

My background has little to do with finance to begin with, or at least little to do with personal investing. Rather, my interest arose out of the "need" that there was no interest and I wanted to increase my money in the long term.

... and then found the topic so interesting that since then I run a blog about investing money.

Since 01.01.2021 I run the blog no longer only part-time, but full-time and of course continue to invest diligently in the stock market.

When did you start investing?

I just looked again extra. :) I made my first investment on 15.05.2017. At that time I was in the middle of my studies. As a dual student and through previous vacation jobs, I had the opportunity to save some money - and then finally wanted to be invested.

After a few weeks and months of research alongside my studies, it was clear how I wanted to invest.

What is your investment strategy?

My strategy is boring, but efficient.

I invest via a global ETF portfolio. This means no active selection of stocks, no bets on specific countries or sectors. I invest globally diversified and at low cost in the "whole" stock market.

This investment strategy is perfect for many people - just run savings plan and good. Of course, you have to learn to deal with the fluctuations in the stock market. But whoever has that figured out can be successful with this strategy.

What is your secret tip or a sector/stock that you currently like?

I stay away from secret tips as much as possible.

There are certain investment principles that I follow - one of the principles is that I never look for "secret tips" or supposedly "hot stocks". I also try to think long-term and not make emotional short-circuit decisions - the history of the stock market has shown: That often goes wrong.

I deliberately do not bet on individual stocks or sectors. As an addition to an overall strategy or with some "play money" you can of course try out such fun.

What was your biggest investment blunder?

Fortunately, I have not yet made a real mistake, because I studied the subject very intensively before I made my first investment.

For many people, poorly designed insurance products are certainly among their biggest blunders. In recent months and years, I have tested countless financial product distributors (Deutsche Vermögensberatung, MLP, Telis, etc.) and reported about them on the blog. And I can only say: There are more than enough opportunities for blunders out there.

But of course, not everything was bad. During this series of tests, I also saw a few well-designed annuities that follow a very similar investment strategy as getquin (with low costs that focus on investing in the stock market, but have nice tax advantages compared to ETF savings plans) - but for that, you should do your research carefully. And via my rankings and comparisons on, I would like to create more transparency here - so that private investors make fewer blunders in the future and are better informed.

Let's see how well that succeeds. :)

What does your portfolio currently look like?

Here you can find my portfolio!