Connect deposit account with getquin - The most important questions

You can link custody accounts that hold ETFs, shares or other investments to the getquin app with just a few clicks. This article gives you an overview of the most important questions regarding the connection of securities accounts.

1. Which accounts can be connected?

Aktuell können nahezu alle deutschen Depotbanken mit der getquin App verbunden werden. Im Fenster „Depotbank Verbinden“ kannst Du nach den verfügbaren Banken suchen. Einige neuere Anbieter (u.a. Trade Republic) bieten leider noch keine Schnittstelle an. Wir werden diese so schnell wie möglich hinzufügen.

2. It did not work to connect my deposit account, what is the reason?

When searching for a custodian bank, please check in the search mask that the BIC matches the BIC of your custodian bank. Were you asked for a legitimation procedure after entering your access data? If not, you probably entered the wrong access data. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the appearance and the error message of the input mask for bank data. If you have problems connecting to your depository bank, please use the chatbot on our website or contact and we will help you immediately.

3. Can getquin make debits or initiate transactions?

No. Neither debits nor transactions can be initiated on linked securities accounts.

4. What happens to my data?

getquin never has access or insight to your access data at your custodian bank. This data is transmitted to the custodian bank by the API service provider finAPI (Schufa) under the highest security standards and getquin never comes into contact with this information. getquin only has access to the current securities portfolio and cannot view any transactions. All data is stored encrypted in German data centers.

5. How up-to-date is the information that is displayed to me?

Via the API interface, we receive the current holdings from your securities account once a day. In the getquin app, we then show you real-time prices for these securities, provided that the prices are available via our data suppliers. IMPORTANT: To ensure a continuous data transmission, you need to save your pin.

6. Can I remove existing depot connections?

You can remove existing depot connections at any time in the settings. If you remove a depot connection, all data will be automatically and irrevocably deleted.

7. What type of TAN procedure can I use for verification?

Um Dein Depot zu verifizieren, kannst Du das Mobile-Tan, Push-TAN,
App-TAN oder Chip-TAN Verfahren ganz normal verwenden. Wenn Du das Photo-TAN-Verfahren nehmen willst, nutze bitte die Desktop-Version unserer Applikation oder weiche auf ein anderes TAN-Verfahren Deiner Bank aus.

8. Any other questions?

If you have any further questions, please use the chatbot on our website or send us an email to We are looking forward to helping you!