Unlimited Open-Banking for everyone!

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Until 31.03.2021 you have the possibility to connect as many securities accounts as you like via Open Banking technology - completely free of charge & forever!

You already have one account connected to getquin and now you want to see your second and third account in the dashboard?

From now on you have the possibility to connect your other accounts within a few seconds via open banking technology! Until now you could only establish a direct connection, but to give you an overview of all your accounts, we now allow you to automatically import as many accounts as you want via API interface.

The connection works like you know it from your first portfolio: Just click on "connect / create portfolio" in the upper right corner, search for your bank and retrieve the bank data, protected by the "finAPI".

A connection via Open Banking offers the advantage that new transactions (purchases & sales) are updated once a day - automatically. This means that if you buy or sell a security, this will be visible in your getquin dashboard after one day at the latest.

If your broker does not support open banking, you still have the possibility to link multiple accounts in the getquin app. To do this, you add your transactions via the PDF import. Alternatively, you can also add the purchases and sales from your second account manually.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at and we will gladly take care of your request.

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